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Camp UU!

The St. Lawrence District is Sponsoring a Young Adult UU Camp!!!

Read Below:Young Adult Weekend Flyer for Printing

Have you ever wanted to relive the joys of youth camp days as an adult with your peers? Have you been wanting to connect with like-minded young adults in the UU community? Are you finding it difficult to create a faith-based peer group experience in your community?

On June 5-7 at Camp Unirondack, young adults from throughout the region will be coming together to reconnect with friends and make new ones. Join us for a lively weekend in the gorgeous woods of the western Adirondacks, where our activities will be self-selected from such shenanigans as a masquerade ball, quidditch lessons, deep discussions, music, and much more! The weekend is open to 18-30 year-olds from the UU community and like-minded people.

Contact Tracy Hollands at to help organize workshops and activities to make this weekend great!

Register now at to reserve your spot! Email for further registration info.
Fee: $50 ($45 before April 1).

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Marshmallows, hot chocolate, and cuddles, OH MY! It’s that time of the year again where we snuggle into sleeping bags, play board games, and sleep in a church. IT’S COZY CON! Bring your soft blankets, electronics, games, and warm hugs,  for a fun weekend of warmth and relaxation.




Bring your cuddles, bring your cheer, it’s that time of the year!



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Pop culture and UU? Inconceivable you say? I do not think it means what you think it means! This year’s fall con explores the interwoven threads between UU principles and common pop culture. We’ll host themed worship, workshops, fun discussions, and touch groups, centered around Pop Culture and UUism! So be prepared for a weekend of fun, and live long and prosper!

When? Oct. 10-12
Where? Eastshore Unitarian Universalist Church, 10848 Chillicothe Road, Kirtland, OH 44094

Link for Scholarships: SCHOLARSHIP APP!!
Registration: REGISTRATION!

Hope to see you there!


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Spring Con

A Spring Con song!
You know the tune:

Do you wanna go to spring con?
Come on let’s go and play
I don’t see snow here anymore
It’s time to go
Another con is on its way!
We’ll always be best buddies
In big cuddle puddles
Sharing moments that make us laugh and cry!
Do you wanna go to spring con?
It really has to be spring con!

Do you wanna go to spring con?
And hula hoop around the halls?
I think some hugs are overdue
Some awesome worship too
Don’t forget about coffee house
You know you just wanna go!
It never gets too lonely
At con with everyone around
So do you wanna go to spring con?
I really wanna go to spring con!

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Opus is coming!

Opus is the annual 5-day spiritual retreat and summer camp experience for Unitarian Universalist young adults, age 18-35.  It’s held at one location for a year or two, and then moves to another part of the US or Canada. This year it’s in OHIO!!

For more information, to register, and apply for scholarships, please see this page:

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Spiralling into the Circle

We are the weavers
We are the woven ones
We are the dreamers
We are the dream
– From the song Spiralling into the Circle

This weekend I attended a Spirituality Development Con that our district put on for youth and adults. It was a training on leading circle worship, the style of worship we use at youth and young adult cons. Circle worship is a dynamic alternative to traditional worship. Instead of sitting in pews looking up at the worship leader, we are all equals and participants in our circle, were sharing is prioritized over sermonizing. This weekend we experimented with different worships, one of the most creative being “Here Comes the Sun” while snow melted in our hands, reflecting on the long winter.

We have some upcoming events with circle worships. Please see if you can attend:

Cabin Con: a weekend in a cabin in Hocking Hills, southeast Ohio. Come for hiking, community, and worship. March 21-23.

Spring Con: one of our two large cons every year, it’s a traditional young adult with workshops, touch groups, and of course, worship. This one will be in Erie, PA, May 30-Jun 1. Registration and other details coming soon.

Opus: the annual retreat for UU young adults in the US and Canada and beyond is being held in Ohio this year. This is a 5 day long supercon held at a campground, with time for more worships, more in depth workshops, and time to form deeper bonds with your peers. August 13-17 at Camp Nuhop. Registration and more details coming soon.

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A Tale of Two Ministries

Hi everyone!  We’re going to try something new here on the blog, and that’s to let young adults in our network write articles to be posted here.  If you’d like to submit an article (can be about anything related to UUism or being a young adult) please send it to Our first post is from a young woman named Kelly, writing about her college experiences:


A Tale of Two Ministries
By Kelly Margaret

I first came to Hiram College with glorious expectations. The first one was that I would get nothing but A’s. The second was that I would get involved in ALL OF THE THINGS! I had impossible expectations, impossible with a capital I. People warn you about college; don’t do drugs, don’t party late into the night, and never sleep with your professor; but how do you warn an ambitious overachiever? According to American culture, those people don’t exist. Who would even want to do well in school when faced with a variety of tantalizingly ‘high’ options? Me, that’s who, which apparently makes me the most boring person on the planet! To be honest I could care less.


One of the first things I learned while attending a Montessori High School, was about the ‘fourth plane’, a period of psychological development from 18-24. Key ingredients in the fourth plane are the development of a sense of spirituality and crave for social justice in young adults. Either because I read about it, or because I genuinely desired spiritual and social fulfillment, I began a Campus Ministry on my college campus.


Freshman year, my Campus Ministry started off wonderfully! I had a small yet dedicated group of about 6 people, we created and organized campus events, and made great friendships. In fact, going to my Campus Ministry group was the highlight of my week, rather than the various theatre events that constituted the bulk of my major. Eventually a year passed, some shitty things happened, and I took a semester off from school. Thus began my second ministry, my ministry.

As important as it is to serve others, you have to serve yourself first. Not in a selfish ‘gimmee that’s mine’ kind-of way, but in a ‘cradle and nurture yourself’ kind-of way. If you fail to do that, then you fail to see the big-picture of where you’re going, what you’re doing, and how on EARTH do you pay for those sent-from-hell student loans?


So, as the story goes, when I came back from a semester of self-care, I re-initiated my campus ministry. It took me awhile to realize that because I had changed, the form and shape of my campus ministry had changed too. As with most things, the energy you put out changes over time, and you have to adapt to those changes while staying committed to the things you love most.

So that’s it, the ‘tale of two ministries’. I hope this blog post helps you (mainly because I put in pretty pictures) or helps someone close to you, but most importantly, I hope this post helps me to clarify my priorities. Because I had no idea where this post was going when I began writing it. Wow, it ended up really weird huh? 😉 (Life pun).


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More Website Updates

Hello!  Recently it was requested that we add a subscription button to the page.  So now if you look to the right there’s a box to put in your email address and get updates when there’s new posts!  We also still have our RSS feed (also linked to the right – and our Google Calendar (at the top, go to Events -> Calendar. to keep track of our upcoming events.

So please subscribe to the blog, and let me know if there’s anything that you think could make this site better.  You can leave a comment or email me at

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So it’s winter time again and I hope everyone is staying warm. I know everyone was warm at our lovely Cozy Con at the North Church in Columbus. It was another wonderful weekend of board games and relaxing. But, if you missed it, we have our Cabin Con coming up! Cabin Con is our annual retreat in Hocking Hills. Much like Cozy Con, we have plenty of time for relaxing, but we also get out and enjoy the early spring weather and the beautiful trails and waterfalls of Hocking Hills. The cabin is heated and has beds and full bathrooms, so don’t worry about it being too rustic.  Our retreats are always a great time, and I hope whatever you’re doing this winter, you’re enjoying it.

More on Cabin Con:

Taken at Punderson State Park

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